Designated Substances Assessment

There are 11 Designated Substances that the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act has determined to be toxic. They are: Acrylonitrile, Arsenic, Asbestos, Benzene, Coke Oven Emissions, Ethylene Oxide, Isocyanates, Lead, Mercury, Silica, and Vinyl Chloride. It is the responsibility of employers to properly identify any Designated Substances that may be present in the workplace and to limit the airborne exposure to all parties who may become exposed through a developed and implemented control program. We assist you in the development of the mandatory policies and procedures in the safe handling of these substances and the training of all workers that are in contact with the substance.

  • Our on-site visit will establish and evaluate the current products in use and safety measures in place.  Then help to maintain or become compliant with current regulations.
  • Develop Medical Surveillance programs.
  • Develop a Spill Response plan if required.

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